Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Pillow case love

I am in love with making pillowcases.  It is quite addicting.  I followed the pattern on Marie-Madeline's blog.  They also have a lot of lovely bright fabrics.
The little ones love picking out fabrics for their cases.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Valentine Quilt

I started this project on Jan.5, 2013.  I did a search on Pinterest and found a great idea for a Valentine quilt.  This uses 3" squares.  Everything is from my stash including the batting.
It is in the quilt frame.  I'm quilting as fast as I can!  From the scraps, I am piecing together a smaller wall quilt for Super Granny!

My Quilt History

I started quilting as a child.  Super Granny taught me.  My first project was an anniversary pillow for my parents.  Super Granny sewed the pillow and I quilted the top.  In high school during home-ec. we learned to sew a baby blanket.  A few years later, during nursing school, my friend Lisa, "tried" to teach me.  I made so many mistakes with that quilt.  In total it took 15 years.  It is the mauve, green, and  white Friendship Star quilt pictured at the bottom of the page on my wash line.

Next I made Adam a Trip Around the World quilt.  It is twin size with lots of bright colors.  It is also at the bottom of the page on my wash line.

Along came Madelyn's quilt, a Log Cabin with Stars.  Also a twin size quilt.  One of the seams came undone.  I am trying to figure out the correct way to mend it.

I made 3 lap quilts as teacher gifts.  A denim block quilt for Adam.  This recycled denim was from his favorite pairs of jeans.  A retirement quilt and pillow for my dad.

Grandmother's Flower Garden is one of my favorites.  This is a queen size quilt for Miranda.  This is the only quilt that was done by hand from start to finish.  I also used glow in the dark thread which looks so neat at night.

I love my canning jar quilt. I first saw this on Bev's blog.  I new that I must make this quilt!!
A small wall quilt.  I think the blocks are called Churn Dash.

Double Irish Chain.   A king size quilt for our bed.

I am currently working on a queen size Bear Paw, a queen size Butterfly quilt, and a wall size Valentine quilt.  So many projects, so little time!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Our very own farmshow!!!

I love the farmshow!  Unfortuntely I don't think I could walk through the show in Harrisburg.  So the littlest farmer and I held our own.  Sarah won the blue ribbon for her award winning smile!

Flip and Lilly also won ribbons but they wanted to eat theirs!
Petey and the chickies won multiple blue ribbons!  We have a barnyard of champions!
A great time was had by all!