Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Sportsmen Trip

Last weekend my "boys", Hubby and son, went on a Sportsmen's retreat with our church.  We are blessed to belong to such a wonderful church.  We truly have a church "family".

The boy farmer came home so pleased that he shot his first gun.  Apparently he is a good shot, as is his daddy.
They had a fun time of 4 wheeler riding, shooting at targets, clay birds, camp fires, mountain pies, devotions.

While they were gone, we had girl time including a slumber party with Super Granny.  We love spending time with her.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Goat Riding

Boy, do I ever love those goats!  They bring such fun to the barnyard.  I love when I go outside, Flip always talks to me.  He is my gentle giant.
Last evening I spent some time in the barnyard.  By the time I came in, my skirt was very wet with goat slobber.  They love to nibble on pants, skirts, shorts.  They never chew a hole in it.  They just slime you!

Sunday, June 16, 2013

4 weeks old

The babies are 4 weeks old.  They are fast when they run and they can fly.  We have been invaded by the 17 year cicadas.  They are a locust which lives underground and feeds off the sap from the tree roots.  They emerge from the ground every 17 years and live about 5 weeks.  Long enough to mate and lay eggs.  They emit a loud whirring sound.  When we go outside it sounds like a weird alien, science fiction movie.  It is so loud.
The chickens love to eat the cicadas and the 2 youngest farmers are happy to catch them and feed them to the chickies.  Good healthy protein!