Thursday, July 29, 2010

Reduce, Re-use, Recycle

A totally recycled quilt for Rowdy! He is so happy. He said the sweetest thing when I finished his quilt...."Mom, thanks for the quilt. I love it! I will treasure it forever".

His favorite part is the squares made from his favorite old pair of camophlage jeans and glow-in-the-dark thread that I used to quilt it. This was a great craft to make using old jeans and an old sheet as a backing especially when you have a boy that gets holey jeans as fast as mine!

I love you Rowdy!

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  1. Great quilt, Jill....I love it! I just told my son (26) who did not know what to do with all his old tee shirts. So, I thought I would use them to make him a patchwork quilt, too!!! Great minds think alike! Hope mine looks as good as yours.