Friday, August 2, 2013


In April 2010 we got our first chicken.  Beautiful white frizzle Gladys.  We also welcomed her baby, Daisy who looked just like her.  We brought her home from Uncle Bob' farm......
To our very own farm.  She was our 1st "farm" animal.  Uncle Bob kindly gave us more babies, some that were Gladys' that he hatched out in an incubator.  Gladys was the "Queen" of the barnyard.
Our babies grew.  We added more to our flock...barred rocks, red sex links, and then Gladys went broody.  She sat on her eggs 21 days and then 3 hatched out.  Fluffy, Pepper and Mel.  
We had a long stretch of extreme heat and humidity and Gladys succumbed to heat stroke.  Her passing was devastating to us.  You may not think that a chicken can have a personality, but it you take the time to observe and watch.  She was calm and gentle,  didn't mind being held, often.  She was such a good Mommy.  So watchful and protective of her babies.  Yet she didn't mind if we picked them up.  She will always be missed.

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