Monday, September 30, 2013

Birthday Girl

Our youngest girl has turned 10.  The years have gone by so quickly.  May you always stay so very kindhearted and quick to help.  You bring joy and happiness to our family.  We love you!
Our tradition..breakfast in bed for the birthday girl.  You were woken from a sound sleep to the sound of Happy Birthday.
Birthday meal of your choosing.....steak tips, sauteed onions, green bean casserole, and of course ice cream and cake.  We had a special dinner guest, Super Granny!
Poor planning on my part, I didn't have your present in time.  It came in the mail 2 days late.  Sorry!
It was a rainbow bracelet loom.  I'm so glad you like it.
Love you Honey.  I'm so glad you are mine!

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