Tuesday, November 19, 2013

A Peaceful and Productive Day

Although it is a little sad when it gets dark at 5pm,  I am enjoying snuggling in in the evening and working on crafts.  On Saturday I got up early and Little M.  helped me with the animal chores.  Thankfully there was no frozen waterers.  I love letting our "big girls" out of their coop in the morning. Once the door opens they run as fast as they can out the door.  I should learn to start each day with such gusto.  Then we sprinkled some scratch on the ground for them, fed the "little" girls, and made sure Pepper, our rooster is out of the coop.  Next we gave Petey a strawberry treat (Thank you Mary), and fresh food and water.  Finally it was time for the goats to greet the day.  We have to wait to let them out until everyone else is fed or they will eat their food!  We opened the door and out comes Flip and Lilly. Before greeting us they hurry to the stall next door to see if there is any chicken food lying on the ground.  Then they come back for some love and treats, of course.

Pepper our rooster.
After enjoying the animals,  I came back inside and cross stitched for a while.  I was happy when my two youngest started working on their latch hook kits.  When it warmed up a little Hubby and A. cleaned out the barn and coops.  More fertilizer for the garden!

Little M.  has been interested in sewing.  Two weekends ago we started her Nancy Drew quilt.

We can't wait to read our Nancy Drew books while snuggled under a quilt.  I'm looking forward to the longer evenings to spend time together and create.

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