Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Winter Days

The weather had been so crazy.  We had freezing temps, snow, and then a 60 degree day, followed by rain and cold.  Lots of reading and crafting has been going on in our house.
I have always love the Little House On The Prairie books.  I especially love to read them while curled up next to the fireplace.  I have been reading a biography about Laura Ingalls Wilder.  We have also had some read alouds about Daniel Boone, Paul Revere, and George Washington.  I am "sneaking" in some learning during our Christmas break.
Long evenings are perfect for finishing projects.  I started this cross stitch kit last year.  I am beginning to see the end.  It takes such a long time to cross stitch.
My favorite Christmas decoration.  This was given to me by Super Granny.  When I was little I loved putting it under her Christmas tree every year.

I have so many ideas of things I want to make in the coming new year.
- Finish the bear paw quilt
-Make little M.'s butterfly quilt
-Finish the Nancy Drew quilt
-Finish my rag rug

I guess I need to finish these projects before I start something new.

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