Thursday, April 7, 2011


What a nice day we had yesterday.  My grandma, "super granny", turned 87 years young.  She spent the day with us.  She is such a blessing in my life.  The children adore her.  She is so patient with them.  We celebrated with a beef roast, quinoa, sauteed squash and carrots, peas, and a carrot cake.
She is such a great sport.  She held Sammy and the chickens, and gathered eggs.  We love you so much, Memmy!

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  1. Hi Jill,
    I just found your blog by way of the Pottery Shed. I noticed in one of your post that you mentioned Knoebal's Grove. I am also from North East PA. It is nice to read a blog that mentions familiar places. I think you live near some of my relatives. I did not find an e-mail on your blog, so I put this in your comment section. I do enjoy reading your post. I am your newest follower. If your wish to e-mail me. I will leave my address here. Would love to hear from you. Many blessings to you and your family....Maureen