Tuesday, April 5, 2011

There's One In Every Crowd (Sometimes Two)

Usually my morning routine goes smoothly.  I got hubby sent off to work, had quiet devotion time, bounced on my rebounder, and just then I heard footsteps.......Down the stairs came the two littlest farmers.  Oh, no!  I didn't need an audience while I excercised.  I finished bouncing and started pilates for  legs.  Just then farmer #3 piped up and said, "Mom, why are you doing that?  Your legs aren't fat anymore."  Farmer #2 added, "Yea, now you are little Mama instead of Big Mama".   This was followed by lots of giggling.

It progressed to worse when the pilates instructor used the word "booty".  In my house that is close to potty talk.  I knew that would be the topic of conversation today.  Boy, what I wouldn't give to have quiet time to exercise without a crowd.  I think I am going to start a rule...No one allowed out of bed until 7:30!

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  1. Quiet time to exercise without a crowd?!...Where's the fun in that? :)