Monday, April 4, 2011

Woolie Craft

On Saturday Marie and I enjoyed a fun morning.  We went to a pottery open house.  So many beautiful pottery pieces, so hard to choose.  I finally settled on a blue pitcher, a soap dish with wonderful apple scented soap, and a small square dish that fits right in on my window sill. 

We met some fellow crafters.  I think I now have a wool addiction.  I really don't need another hobby, but I am drawn to penny mats and braided rugs.  After seeing so many of Tarrah's beautiful pieces,  I am anxious to begin.

I started a small project.  I shrank a wool sweater and made a cute little birdy.  He looks right at home in front of my pitcher.  Thanks for the great pattern Tarrah!


  1. Aww...he's so cute! Good job:) Your pitcher looks really good there, too. Now...when is our next craft day?

  2. Thanks so much Jill! Glad you had a fun day out. Look forward to getting together with you ladies sometime! :)