Sunday, April 10, 2011

Down on the Farm

What a wonderful weekend!  Saturday was spent cleaning up the yard and burning brush in our campfire.  The children roasted hotdogs over the fire.

Today we went to church and grabbed a quick lunch.  Hubby cut firewood and the kiddos and I stacked it.  Stacking firewood is one my favorite things to do!  I cleaned up the flower beds and burnt more brush.  There was lots of time for cuddling Sammy and the chickens. 
The Big Old Rolling Turd is back in the driveway ready for our 1st camping adventure.  ( If you haven't seen the movie RV, it really is a "must see".  It will get you ready for camping!)

It sure smells like a farm here today!  In order to try to live an organic lifestyle, Hubby decided to try liquid fish as a fertilizer.  Well as the name implies, it stinks like rotten fish.  Oh well, this country air is part of country life! 

Hubs spreading the rotten fish!


  1. So that's who is stinking up the neighborhood! ;)

  2. Sounds a lot like my weekend - lots of mowing and raking and cleaning up followed by some really big fires! Must be spring! :)